Thursday, 8 January 2015

Diary entry - 2

Took down the decs

I took the decorations down in stages. First was the cards then anything related to Christmas, apart from the tree. So - 

baubles, garlands, stars, bells, holly, snowmen, Christmas arches and angels were all bagged up ready for next year. Christmas runners, tablecloths, plates and jugs were put back in cupboards.

The tree was left until 12th night, strings of lights and anything that signified Winter in any way. My theme for January is white and simple.

(Thinks - perhaps I should crochet a shades of white blanket for this time of year!)

My Autumn blanket is finished - must take a pic and there's a scarf in progress for next year made with bobbly wool from Liddle-iddle. (I couldn't walk by it and leave it now could I?)



  1. There's some lovely Autumn green yarn (my favourite colour) haunting me right now. I saw it before Christmas, only £1 a ball, I really will have to go and get it soon or it will all be gone. That's what I usually do, think about things too much until it's too late - oh well it saves money I suppose.

  2. I left out loads of small white lights for the corners, makes the house in the evening look warmer. Also I'm not burning so many candles.

  3. It's all back to normal again, apart from the huge pile of chocolate still waiting to be eaten. I don't know what's wrong with me this year, I haven't even made a dent in it.


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