Saturday, 3 January 2015

On the ninth day of Christmas ...

… my true love sent to me - 

9 baubles hanging

8 pens for greetings

7 candles lighting

6 toys a-gazing

5 gold rings

4 poin-setts

3 Santa stamps

2 turtle doves

and an angel a-top a Christmas tree.


I have bauble overload - can't pass up a bauble bargain at all - must be beautiful, bauble syndrome! It was red, gold and green this year and I'll put in my diary to have a silver Christmas next year (brought home some bargain tinsel from B&Q one year and some bargain tinsel from the CS this. That ailment is probably - 




  1. I was silver this year and will be gold next time, my tree is all colours but I theme my rooms. Each year I have a few items which does not get used

  2. I saw the bauble photo. I like the idea of hang them at different heights in a window or somewhere else. I hope the tinsilitis is not catching.


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