Saturday, 31 January 2015


slobabout clothes - loose fitting clothes that allow one to bend, stretch, lie down

dinkadink - remote control

OK-OK - cat. Also referred to as Stop Wowing, Chuck-a-chuck-a, Inyacome, Goodgirl, Pusscat, Uppyup, Ticka Ticka

gubbins - mess, things

doo-daa-whatsit - definition to be entered at a later date when I've remembered it

treateeeee - a way of bringing a cat in from the garden

playing - doing what one wants, when one wants for no particular end

jolly - going where one wants, when one wants, with whom one wants with the sole purpose of enjoyment

here-oy-eatit - word uttered when food is put in front of a cat

•••••••• cat! - words uttered when cat refuses to eat food offered

Edit : Mac n' Janet have added another word in the comments - great word. Thank you. Please read their definition and add more of your own if you wish.



  1. Love your definitions, may I add dohicky? To be used when you can't remember the name of something, i.e. Hand me that dohicky.

  2. Thinking of cat-related words, I had a cat called Polly who I trained to come if I called out "Chee-eese!". My neighbours asked why my cat was called "Cheese"! Another cat, sorry, the feline Love-of-my-Life, Barnabas, would come for "Chicky" if he felt like it; chicky = chicken/ham/beef/lamb/fish/sufficiently strong (for his discerning palate) cheddar. (I once bought mild cheddar by mistake and he wouldn't touch it.) Current cat only likes commercial treats or a tiny piece of ham; he'll come for a rattle treat jar (fool!).

  3. Jammy don'tknow = Donut.
    giggyfrecks = spectacles
    jobber = remote control
    whores' drawers' pasta = pasta puttanesa
    Jippo = sauce

    Jane x

  4. Dooberry. When you have a lapse and can't think of a word. This happens more in our house as we get older :)


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