Friday 29 August 2014

The cat ...

… won't leave me alone and I'm trying to photograph my crocheted dishcloth. I had lots of different coloured cottons in my stash and so I've crocheted dishcloths and also ...

cotton string bags. Most of the bags I've given away and the current finished one is this.

Oh phooey, the cat got in the way again. Let's have another go. Ah ha, only a glimpse of puss and much more of the dishcloth which is just UK trebles with a doubles border finished off with reverse doubles.

More about the pattern of the string bags and better pictures of what one looks like, can be found here.

That's better, he's settled down now, thank goodness.



  1. Awww, how adorable is he? He's so beautiful. I love home made dish cloths, they last so much longer than bought ones, though I have to say that mine aren't anywhere near as lovely as yours. I knit mine with white or cream craft cotton.

  2. Your cat is gorgeous. I love the way cats take ownership of everything, funny animals but adorable.
    Anne xx

  3. Everything is improved with a few cat hairs.
    Jane x

  4. Your cat is beautiful. Lovely dish cloths and bags.
    Julie xxxx


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