Tuesday 19 August 2014


… to welcoming flowers from DD.

She had also made us a welcome home meal,

bought DH his favourite chocolate and bought me my favourite mag.

Home … to a greenhouse full of bunches of grapes. I've picked out the bad ones and have eaten or frozen as much as I can. There are still quite a few bunches to go.

Home … to a pile of washing and ironing. Hey ho! Back to routine - but no! I've decided to do a few things differently - such as ironing in the conservatory rather than the kitchen today.

I don't wear adornments usually but I put on my bracelet to continue the holiday feeling.

Our holiday was great but it's always good to be home. Now what shall I do differently tomorrow?



  1. Welcome back :)

    Why not turn up the music tomorrow morning and do the boring housework as though you are still on holiday. Music always lightens the housework load for me and makes the time they take to complete seem shorter

  2. I hate that end of holiday feeling but how lovely to come home to so many surprises. Hope you had a lovely time.

  3. Wow, what a nice welcome home. She must be pleased to have you back too.

  4. Wish housework would take a holiday.
    Jane x

  5. Welcome home, I love the matching nail varnish,
    Joy x x

  6. Welcome home Mum, hope you can keep the holiday feeling for a little while.

  7. Such a lovely welcome home for you and very thoughtful.
    Anne xx

  8. Welcome back home. Cor, loads of grapes - have you ever thought about making wine?

    1. Quite a lot go bad while on the vine - I don't know whether that would be good for the wine or whether I'd have to pick out the bad ones. Sounds too much like hard work at the moment. I think I'd rather wade my way through just eating them. I've had a bunch for 'afters' today.

  9. What a lovely welcome home surprise. Welcome back to blogland too and no washing and ironing or dusting to do here.


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