Saturday 23 August 2014


Number 1 - The eating apples from our friends. To process these - just eat!

Number 2 - The large bunch of flowers from DD. To process these - chuck out the dead and wilting then cut down and plonk into smaller vases (I used some vases that I haven't used for a while).

Number 3 - The corn (which was as high as an elephant's eye). To process these - pick and fill a very large container.

Peel off the outer layers.

Marvel at the detailing of the cobs.

Chop off any yukky bits, put in bags and freeze.

Number 4 - The dried seed pods of the mange-tout. To process these - let them linger about in a basket in the sunny conservatory and pick out the dried peas when the fancy takes. Store the dried peas in a container in a drawer ready to plant for next year.

Number 5 - A rather tasty part of our friend's tomato. To process this - do not eat all the tomato, even though it is delicious. Leave the remaining part to rot (We will rot you,  rot you, rot you!) in a jam jar. It will go all yukky (good word) and horrible looking. Do not worry. When you find it lingering about the kitchen, thoroughly rotted, separate out the seeds, make sure they are dry and store in kitchen roll tissue,  in a drawers, ready to plant for next year.

Number 6 - Excess veg. To process these - chop up into little pieces and put into the hot-pot, made with stewing steak, onions, potatoes, carrots and stock. Stew for a couple of hours and then put a crust on top and bake for half an hour in the oven. Eat with brown sauce and pickled red cabbage.

Number 7 - The Very Large, Very Heavy, Glass, Cylindrical Dish (which I'd been admiring for weeks. It was sitting in the CS with my name on it but was rather pricey. Nobody else bought it so I took that to mean that I should rescue it.) To process this - put it on the dining room table and give it a good looking at. Make a mental note of all its possibilities - storage for fruit, vase, receptacle for floating candles … Then leave it on the dining room table until inspiration strikes.



  1. I love the glass bowl, floating candles would look lovely in it.

  2. The corn looks fabulous, such well pollinated cobs. I didn't grow any this year and now I'm regretting it.

  3. I enjoyed your processing Mum!
    I am peeling tomatoes, 3 boxes today,
    That I will "can" in glass jars for winter.

  4. The glass bowl is screaming "TRIFLE" at me.
    Jane x

  5. And it looks like its climbing clear up to the sky. You got mud on your face, big disgrace.
    Joy x x

  6. Impressive harvest of sweetcorn. Love hot pot made with any kind of meat but beef.
    Beautiful bowl, would look lovely with Christmas decorations in for the festive season.

  7. Great pics. Lovely bowl
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Love the flowers. Lots of corn-yum. :)

  9. I enjoyed reading this entry, thank you for sharing!
    My processing: salvaging everything I can from my veg beds before I have to hand the keys in on Tuesday and say goodbye. There will be pies, stews and crumbles.

    Wishing you a restful Bank Holiday x

  10. delicious fresh corn on the cob ...nothing better!!! I'll echo Jane's comment ...definitely a fresh cream trifle would look wonderful in that bowl!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x


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