Tuesday 5 August 2014

It's a sunny day

I had difficulty finding a vase for these beautiful blooms that DD brought round when she came for tea the other day.

In the end I had to cut back the stems a little ...

… so they weren't sticking out of the vase too far.

They certainly brighten up the day.


PS Matt loves these blooms too.


  1. They're beautiful. Nothing as sunny as a sunflower.

  2. I love your chair, fireplace, plant and possibly the sideboard but I can't quite see it xx

  3. Love the look of your living room Mum! Very art deco! Gorgeous fireplace and wonderful contrast with the sunflowers as they produce a vivid splash of colour.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. Love you decor and that fire place is stunning. Im planning on planting sun flowers this spring, just for fun and bees.

  5. It's not until you look at the last photo that the size of the sunflowers is evident. I find it hard to bring Agapanthus blooms indoors for the same reason. They need a tall vase - and I broke the one I had :(

  6. Who can resist sunflowers? By the way, your front room looks stunning xx

  7. That is our State flower! Very pretty...they brighten any day!


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