Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting up to date

As promised a few posts ago, here is my list of "Lovely Blogs". I included the word 'lovely' in comments on these blogs so they formed my list this time.

6. SFT
And now my 10 questions for the Sunshine Award. I googled '10 personal questions' and found a few there and the rest I just made up myself. It's about time I thought for myself - I'm a big girl now.

1. What do you have on your bedside table?

Telephone, tablets, radio, headphones, light, magazines, book, cat catcher, nail file and notebook and pen. On my hobby room bedside table I've got telephone, books, vase I made when I was 11 containing sweetie wrapper flowers made by DD, light jar, lamp, basket containing crochet hooks, scissors, glasses, pens, nail file and bits and bobs, a pile of granny squares, a candle holder (I threw the bendy candle away when I tidied up.) and various calling cards. Underneath is a basket of fir cones, note books, a knitting bag containing crochet projects and a Shaun the Sheep bag.

2. How old do you feel inside?

16 (Pity I don't look 16 outside.)

3. Do you dream often?

I dream most nights. I heard it said once that if you dream a lot of very interesting dreams at night you must be the most boring person during the day. Hmmm!

4. What is your favourite form of exercise?

Dancing. When I was 7 I was given the choice of having dancing lessons or piano lessons. I wish I could have chosen both but piano won.

5. What do you miss most about being a child?

I could say  - nothing I still am a child. On the other hand I could say - skipping down the street. I can do it but it wouldn't look good!

6. What are you wearing now?

A brown spotted dress - that's it!

7. Where are you now?

Sitting on a bed in 'my' upstairs room with 2 cats sprawled out in front of me and the laptop resting on an upturned basket because it's too hot for my lap. Seagulls are calling outside the window and the sun is streaming in. It's very hot. Also on the bed are 100 crochet squares, a crochet hook, 4 cushions and a phone.

8. What time do you go to bed?

I usually crash out an hour after I've taken my 'restless leg pill'. Yeh, you can get a pill for restless legs!

9. When did you last have a cold?

Should I answer this one or not? OK, touch wood, I can't remember when I last had a cold. Blow your nose every time you go to the loo and do a yoga 'Lion' each day and colds could be a thing of the past for you. (This is not a proven medical opinion.) I should own up and say that I don't do the 'Lion' everyday - for reasons which will become obvious when you view this.

10. What's the one of the best things about retirement?

Being able to wake up when you want and turn over and go back to sleep if you wish.
Doing what you want, when you want.
Smiling a lot.
Not worrying about what other people think.
Going out for 'jollies' with friends.
Not going out at all.
Wearing what I want.
Viewing the world at a slower pace.

Sorry I did more than one there.

I wrote this post last night and I hope I'm up to date now!
PS I love reading all your blogs.
PPS Keep crocheting those squares.
PPS I've had other ideas for my Summer Blanket.
PPPS I'm off to do the washing now.


  1. Do you realise that now...across the world there is the similtaneous sound of flushing toilets and blowing noses?
    Thank you for the did make me smiley!
    Jane x

  2. Hi Mum, Am I too late to accept this award?

    Like your list ;-)

    Arwedd xx

  3. Thank you for putting my blog on the list Mum!
    It`s good to have some new blogs to visit too.


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