Thursday, 16 August 2012

Flower Fairies - Lords and Ladies (Autumn)

My plants have their berries early. The berries are easier to spot than the flowers.

Fairies, when you lose your way,
From the dance returning,
I the darkest undergrowth 
See my candles burning!
These shall make the pathway plain
Homeward to your beds again.

Cecily Mary Baker

The picture for the Spring song is here.

I also found the Spring song itself.

I have neither bells nor petals,
Like the foxglove or the rose.
Through the length and breadth of England
Many flowers you may see
Petals, bells and cups in plenty - 
But there's no one else like me.
In the hot house dwells my kinsman.
Arum-lilt, white and fine;
I am not so tall and stately
But the quaintest hood is mine;
And my glossy leaves are handsome;
I've a spike to make you stare;
And my berries are a glory
In September. (BUT BEWARE!)

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  1. Lots of plants seem to be out of kilter this year, the weather is playing havoc.

  2. Ours are red with berries now. It does seem early. The rowan trees have mostly fruited and lost their berries to the birds already.


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