Monday, 20 August 2012

Learn as you go along

I've got the hang of weaving my joining wool in and out now. Instead of weaving the ball of wool under and over as I go along ...

... I just thread the wool through first and leave the ball of wool at the end of the line. It's much easier and less faff.

Talking of blankets, do you think that this would be OK for a Bloggy Blanket button/logo? I was asked for a button by Amanda, from Crafty in the Med, to put on participating blogs.

I'm not very good at designing. 


  1. Hello MUm

    I think that button is just great......I like that you've used sepia. I'm going to pinch it straight away if that's ok so I can post the link on my blog.

    Amanda :-)

  2. okey dokey there it is on my blog

    A x

  3. That's a good way of doing it, and the blanket's looking lovely, I love all the colourful squares. The button is fine, I wouldn't know where to start in designing one.

  4. What a good idea, the button is good. Julie xxx

  5. Looks really good,she is a clever girl,wish she lived near me to get my blog fixed!!!!!

  6. The sepia gives it a real vintage look.

  7. It looks great, wish I knitted so I could join in. It's quilting for me right now :(


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