Sunday 19 August 2012

Ironing - a philosophical viewpoint

A rather large pile of ironing

It is customary in many households to iron a few creases into garments ...

It always happens!

Very difficult to iron out

... in the hopes that the owner of the garment subconsciously receives the following life enhancing message.

30 minutes later - all done

'Nobody is perfect but they are damn well near!'


  1. My aunt encouraged me to wear linen. She said "if you are going to be creased,you may as well look 'expensively' creased".
    Jane x

  2. I like ironing and do most evenings in front of the TV - love froogs xx

  3. Ha!! I will never look at ironing the same again

  4. Isn't retirement great!But I am so busy.I decided this afternoon was going to be a craft afternoon.I crocheted some more squares for the next blanket,got some lace knitting going,now it's time to revise some Welsh for tomorrow's lesson.
    I loved your way of joining up crochet squares and will give it a go.Thanks.

  5. I would like to move frugal queen in to live with me if she loves ironing! I can feed her and keep her warm! Seriously, ironing is my pet hate and I know I should keep up to it but it does tend to get left until it builds up and the creases- well- enough said!

  6. I iron whilst watching a film. I start when the film starts and finish when the film ends and if I finish the ironing first I finish the film relaxing!
    Julie xxxxxx


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