Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blanket update

Thrifty Mummy Hen has crocheted these beautiful squares for the Bloggy Blanket. There's no stopping her! I'll add them to the Bloggy Blanket page. Thank you so much.

If you wish to crochet a square or more for the blanket please read the Bloggy Friend's Blanket page.


  1. What pretty squares, and pretty colours too. I have awarded you the Sunshine Award, details on my blog. I hope you will accept but won't be offended if you'd rather not, I just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Jo - I have it already but much appreciated. I enjoy your lovely blogs swell so will you please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me. Actually that should be a 'Two Lovely Blog' award! Details here


  3. Those are beautiful! I REALLY want to learn to crochet. Have been intending to for years!


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