Friday, 3 June 2011

WIPs, WTHPs and Collections

I only have one work in progress. My other projects are WTHP (works that have progressed). These WTHPs sit about for a while until they become the WIP again. Here's the beginning of a pair of socks. I'd already knitted 2 pairs prior to this.

These are fabric bags with my Christmas collection of presents. The fabric is there and some presents. More bags need to be made and more presents collected.

Here's the beginning of one of the presents - a crocheted Nativity - not quite finished with all its detailing. Silly me started 2 more Nativity sets. Needless to say they too are WTHPs.

I collect unwanted balls of wool and these are just the job for small projects such as these  - 

or these - granny squares that didn't quite make the big blanket or granny squares that might 'do' for another granny combo.

These are granny circles that will eventually become a shawl for my daughter. I feel it could join the Christmas present collection!

Did you notice other collections? I'm quite addicted to baskets. You never know when they will come in handy do you?

I also can't bear to throw things away hence the collection of little cuddlies (in a basket of course).

Everyone's got a collection of buttons - haven't they?

Some people collect bits of leftover thread. I thought I'd have a go. (TUSAL - Totally Useless Stitch-a-long. See Daffycat's blog for more clarification.)

I do have more collections and WTHPs which I'll have to show another time. Now I'm going to crochet more squares for my current WIP. Happy collecting everyone.


  1. OK, Love your crochet projects, yarns, buttons, bags, baskets - well, all of it really! My biggest collection by far has to be yarn, or maybe fabrics, or pretty curtains from charity shops (for which I don't have windows) jugs, pots and of course 'falsies' at the moment.
    PS. Blast them with a hairdryer to remove dust!

  2. Oh, and you can have a peek at my other blog here:

    Sadly, I forget to post stuff here all the time xx

  3. I absolutely love those acid bright colours in your afghan squares, utterly fabulous. xxx
    PS Please get wearing your maxi dresses.


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