Tuesday 7 June 2011

My Simple Din dins

I had only myself to please today so I decided to eat the garden for dinner. 
First  - go out and pick. I chose mangetout, beetroot from the back garden and calebrese from the front. (It was all that was ready really.)

Wash carefully.

The trimmings go in a compostable receptacle.

Cook in one pan to save energy.

Serve with homemade bread and yesterday's left-over roast potato.

I did not grow dessert but I did use the same plate.

How many a day is that?


  1. Fruit-tastic! Great to be able to eat own grown. Scarlett x

  2. It's tremendously healthy! xxx

  3. Sounds delicious. I love beetroot!

  4. Healthy and tasty too I'll bet. Adore the granny blanket you posted about recently - stunning.


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