Saturday 18 June 2011

What I did Today

* had tea and toast in bed
* tidied up the supper things
* loaded the dishwasher
* washed kitchen floor (on hands and knees)
* took the cats for a walk in the garden
* picked a basket full of mangetout to freeze
* walked down to Lydl-iddle for some shopping
* called in the Charity Shop (left empty handed)
* made lunch (soup and fruit for me, salad for him)
Home-grown strawberries for afters
* did washing and hung washing out
* prepared veg for tea
* crocheted a square

I'm going to do blocks of 9.
Can't decide whether to have the blocks the same colour
or different.
* made a condolence card

* read part of a book
* rehearsed a music tutorial for video
* made tea
* took cats a walk
* collected daughter from work and wokked up her tea
* blogged
* friends round for the evening to help with voice overs for the video

That's it up to now. Time for a drink!


  1. That's a very productive day! I do like the crochet squares though, they look very delicate.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog, lovely to meet someone else who makes no bones about enjoying retirement :-)


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