Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jugs 'n' Spuds

It's not good working in a Charity Shop. Instead of them paying you, you pay them. This little jug was so lost and I had a playmate at home for it so I had to buy it. It's a Lovatts 1950s jug in pale yellow.

It's joined my other jug which is pale green - apparently called Windsor Green. I wonder if the yellow one is Windsor Yellow?

Oh and it's very pleased because it's got Big Jug for company aswell.

The first of the spuds were eaten for tea. I didn't harvest the whole plant - just dug down and picked out what we needed for a meal.

The others are still in the bag ...

... and the compost has been added to the lettuce trough in preparation for another sowing.


  1. Never thought I'd put this on the web - Love your Jugs Mum xx

  2. Yup, loving your jugs too! Especially the yellow one. We're awash with lettuce at the moment.

  3. Mrs Tightwad took the words out of my mouth! such splendid jugs! xxx

  4. Yes, indeed - fine jugs! Thanks for your comment on mine - good advice - though I'm not one for sitting down for long! Abby x


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