Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Edible Back Garden

We did win an award once for the best landscaped garden but after finding our allotment was really too far away to enjoy we decided to have an edible back garden. Here's what's growing at the moment. This 'graveyard' has just been planted with French beans.

Here we have chives and a bay.

These herbs are lime bazil, marjoram and thyme.

The strawberries are just waiting to ripen. I hope we can get to them first before the birds.

Here are the outdoor tomatoes safely enclosed from the wind.

The mangetout are just beginning to form from their white flowers. In the trough are mixed lettuce leaves. The trough is on copper legs (copper plumbing pipe) to prevent the slugs from climbing up and eating our lunch. There's lavender in the black pot.

This parsley seeded itself from last year - or possibly the year before. Behind is the corn.

Here are the courgettes which have just been planted out and are a bit wind blown. Beneath the wigwam  are runner beans. Behind are compost bins (not the retired Daleks).

I've never been very good at growing radish. They always seem to bolt.

We like to protect our crops and these broccoli and calebrese are behind netting so the slugs can't get to them. That's the idea any way.

The carrots are protected from the dreaded carrot root fly.

These little plants are swede. I grew too many last year so this year I only planted a few.

We've a second lot of mangetout (I hope to be really organised and pick everyday, freezing the excess - ha, ha!) and some beetroot.

The parsnips just stay in the ground until they get eaten.

These garlic look like they're ready now.

Inside the greenhouse are more tomatoes, the grape-vine and cucumbers,

while these peppers keep getting transplanted to larger and larger pots to eventually end up in our sun room so I can just 'snip off' the peppers I need for the day.

Finally here are 2 sacks of potatoes! 

Here's to enjoying and eating the garden!

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