Monday, 21 January 2019

Simple solutions for reducing plastic waste

 Perhaps I should go plastic free.

Thinking it through though ...

Solution 1

If I get rid of all my plastic I'm adding to plastic waste.

If I don't get rid of all my plastic I am not adding to plastic waste.

Avoid buying anything made with plastic or sold in plastic (difficult one this).

No brainer then.

Solution 2

Manufacturers should start to make items with different materials other than plastic and food produces should not sell their produce wrapped in plastic.

Another no brainer.



  1. It is difficult to avoid buying plastic, the retailers & companies need to come up with another solution.xx

  2. You can burn plastic. Retailers are cottoning on to this. You could remove all the plastic and leave it in the supermarket. Or avoid supermarkets often small retailers will provide without plastic.

  3. I’m with you all the way on plastic. I have a mountain of well used plastic tubs for soup etc for the freezer. When they get very stained or warped they go to the garage where DH uses them for paint/glue. We have Thermos travel cups and I have a drinking bottle that cost a lot, and you need to carry a beaker with you. I made some wax wraps but they were a right faff so it’s not going to be repeated. We do what we can to avoid plastic but can’t source milk in glass bottles or yoghurt either. I made shopping bags and refuse to put loose veg into plastic bags in the shop. Every little helps so I’ve stopped beating myself up about it.

  4. I do recycle most of my plastic, but there are a few items that our recycling does not take.

    God bless.

  5. As students in the 70's we had a no plastic kitchen back then (as far as we could - some things like the fridge had plastic seals and parts). We used enamel, wood, pottery, glass and metal items - it felt great - we had no tupperware and the food we bought had minimal packaging as it mainly came from the greengrocer and he tipped it all together into our hessian shopping bag which was strung on our bicycle. We have certainly moved backwards since then - food wrapping has got worse and you can buy anything now in a plastic version like kettles for instance.
    Being plastic aware is a good start - let's hope the manufacturers take notice and make the changes they need to make. Soon.

  6. Any plastic bags I bread bags and veg bags are used for packed lunches or covering stuff in the fridge.I them wipe them over and keep on reusing them until they go thin,maybe after a month to 6 weeks.They are then finally reused as doggy bags when I take my daughters 2 labradors for a walk.I also carefully peel the cling film of broccoli and mushroom packs,so that can be reused.I try every to make sure it has had as much reuse as possible before it goes into landfill,xx


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