Sunday, 13 January 2019

1 + 2

Number 1 - boring picture

I sorted out the airing cupboard, which houses the bedding and did a bit of a cull. These are to go to the CS for sale or rags and some old towels have gone down to the garage. There's a lot more room in the cupboard now.

Number 2 - pleasing (to me) picture

A well spotted find at the CS were these Eye Key Ah jars which I've filled with various goodies. I couldn't pass them up at a pound each. £4.50 was paid for the chopping block which also houses a set of knives. Win, win.

On our next trip to EKA I might purchase some more to house my baking goods. Anyone else keep pantry goods in glass jars?



  1. Yes we do. I love the fairy lights .

  2. Me! Flour, caster sugar, pasta, teabags, coffee, doggy treats!

  3. Yes, I've kept pantry supplies in glass canning jars for a long time. I like to be able to see what's in them and how much is left. They look pretty on the shelves too!

  4. I have been getting my pantry organised with glass jars over the past few months and find the Op Shops often have really good quality jars too. I still have a few more to get but have almost got rid of the plastic. Next on my decluttering is the linen cupboard. Thanks for giving me some motivation as I have been a bit slack lately!!

  5. I am purchasing glass jars when needed rather than plastic, but I still have loads of plastic storage containers, which I will use until they fall apart, most of them are already years old.


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