Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Get it done

Find sewing box.

I needed it to put back some thread. Just a small job.

Open it and sigh.

This is going to be a 'do it now' jobby. It may take some time.

Tackle the mess.

Now how many needles do I really need? I'm sure I can whittle this down and throw away the ones I can't see to thread. (Could be all of them then.) The pins are in my mum's tin so I won't be throwing those away.

How many pairs of scissors do I need? Well they've all come in handy some time so I'll keep them all plus the gadgets. Do you know what they all do? I've never darned a sock in mumble, mumble years but I'm going to keep the mushroom darner.

I took out the coloured threads and just kept in the black, white neutral and grey as they are the ones I use the most. The coloured ones can go in the coloured threads boxes. (Oh my there's another sort project - put it on the list.)

Do I really need this many thimble? No, I don't use them but I'm not throwing such interesting items away.

Here's the rubbish pile. I thought those fancy headed pins looked wonderful but they bend at the first opportunity and are useless.

These bits and pieces need a different home. buttons in the button box, ribbons with the ribbons etc.. The Coleman's Mustard tin can stay.

Here's what's in the Coleman's tin - fastenings, beads and buckles for my dance shoes. I'll probably never use them but they are things that 'may come in handy sometime'. I've got a lot of 'things that may come in handy sometime'. Perhaps that's a de-cluttering project in the future!

Order restored.

First layer

Second layer

Third layer

Job done.

Next ...



  1. My sewing box is a huge black and yellow tool box, I have had it years, I don't know how you keep your in a smaller box, but to be fair your box is much nicer than mine.

  2. Looks like my needlework box! Darners I kept because they belonged to my mum. I chuck rusty needles and as I am an embroider I can strip a needle down to its bare metal base so I go through lots. Some scissor I keep and label with a marker pen "paper" only I am very fussy what my scissors are used for!
    Love the "Coleman's" mustard tin, have seen one of those for ages. I keep those little silica gel packs you sometimes get in packaging and put them in my needlework box to keep the damp atmosphere at bay especially if the needlework box is kept in a chilly place

    Julie xxxxxx

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Always the same you just go to do something and then you end up spending an hour straightening it all up first. Every time I get the sewing stuff/area straight I start a new project and it all gets mixed up again. Still the tidy is therapeutic in itself.

  4. Great job on the organization of your sewing box. I use the fancy headed pins on my knitting when I need to sew pieces together.

    God bless.

  5. Your sewing box looks very neat now. Makes me think about mine, well I have mine spread over a few baskets, but think I have a box like yours somewhere so I will now get it out and reorganise my sewing bits and pieces. I also have a lot of my mother's things, even though she didn't sew much, she mended a lot as all mothers did back in the 50's.


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