Saturday, 29 July 2017

Please check ...

I've just spent the last hour cleaning the back of the radiators in the back room. I thought I was on top of the cleaning but this area seems to be the bit that got away. No, a lot of areas that are dusty and dirty show up once furniture has been taken away. The skirting boards were not that bad but behind the radiators leaved a lot to be desired. The radiators are off and a feather duster from the CS is a very handy tool for cleaning between double radiators. I must make a note to clean a bit more thoroughly once we've decorated. Dare you check behind your radiators? :)

Next step is sanding the parquet floor. Make way for more dust. 



  1. From the disgusting bits that eventually fall to the floor my radiators are bothering me - but only when I go near them. So I avoid them, tho come winter I will have to do something......

  2. I find it's best not to look. X


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