Sunday, 9 July 2017

It's a walk in the park*

A very pleasant walk today in the local park. There's a line of trees at the entrance that commemorate  conflicts from 1945 to the present day.

About 20 trees in all. So sad to think of the people who have died throughout all those years.

Along the walkways and on the grass was this fluffy stuff, obviously seeds of some sort. It looked as though it had just snowed.

The gardens were perfect with flower borders in full bloom and the yews newly clipped.

Oh there's the fluffy stuff again.

People in the park were doing what people in parks should be doing - enjoying themselves in all sorts of ways - listening to the band,

walking - oh there's that fluffy stuff again!


feeding the swans and ducks,

eating ice-cream,

feeding the pigeons aswell.

No one was playing crazy golf.

There were families picnicking and playing cricket,

others sitting or enjoying a snack at the cafe.

Some intrepid souls were 'going ape' high up in the air.

For me it was just 'a walk in the park'.



  1. Can't think what the fluffy stuff was... Lovely park.

  2. A lovely walk in a 'proper' park. X

  3. What a lovely park. I am glad you enjoyed your walk.

    That fluffy stuff looks like what comes from female poplars here in Canada. It is the seeds.

    God bless.


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