Friday, 7 October 2016


Who washes their hair in the bathroom sink and cleans the sink with their sudsy hands?

Who turns jars upside down in order to use every last drop or bit?

Who mops the kitchen floor only to have a human or an animal walk on it as you are mopping?

Who cleans all work surfaces in the kitchen, goes out, and comes back to find biscuit crumbs, a dirty mug or plate just plonked down in the middle?

Who bakes and has to sample the remnants in the bowl or the crumbs left when said item comes out of the oven?

Who sits at the computer and is immediately joined by the cat? (Substitute any pet or child here.)

Who starts to read a book and feels guilty that they are not 'doing' something?

Who has a 'place for everything' yet neglects to return items there?

Who eats the chocolate that is saved for Christmas?

Who starts a new craft project without finishing the last one? (Substitute the word 'others' here.)

Who cultivates a wonderful set of nails which last for less than a day before one nail splits or breaks?

Who hoovers the carpet, puts the vacuum away and immediately finds a 'bit' on the floor?

Who buys a jar or packet of something only to find one or more at the back of the cupboard?

Who spends too much time asking questions?



PS I'll just remove the cat from my knee and carry on with my jobs.


  1. Yep I can relate to some of these x

  2. Oh dear sounds exactly like me, great blog though. Woo xx

  3. Yes. Cat on desk in front of the keyboard saying never mind that stroke me instead. Yes I would eat the chocolate, that's why I don't buy any, I cant have it in the house because I can't save it. I have a small bar as a treat when out. Don't wash my hair in the bathroom sink, I do it in the kitchen, then wash the floor with the rinsing water. I clean the bath with my hands before I get out of it.

    1. Oh gosh, I clean the bath before I get out too.

  4. Reading these questions makes me feel a little bit guilty. Has mum been watching me?
    : )

  5. Except for the cat, I can relate to all of the above! Thanks for cheering me up when I am bloghopping instead of ironing!!!! Catriona

  6. Oh yes I can relate to all that.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Me too.

    Joan (Wales)

  8. Oh, I can relate, especially the cat!

  9. Oh my, sounds so much like my life.

    God bless.

  10. Oh gosh sound like my life too.

  11. Have you ben spying on me again?

    Oh and add to the cat ... three dogs all looking up at me while I try and eat my lunch while blog hopping on the computer :-)


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