Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Success and Failure

Success: Using up my given stash is going great guns. The cotton is being turned into dishcloths and there's still some more left. These are just rows of UK trebles and I put a loop at the end so the cloth can be hung on the radiator to dry. Simple, quick and easy to do.

Failure: The cat's not too impressed with the prototype cat nest.

It's having a hard job standing up by itself!

Such is life.



  1. I always found that homemade dishcloths last for ages, far longer than anything you can buy. You've got quite a stash there.

    Nope, the cat won't like anything that collapses on it ... perhaps you can just flatten it out and make a pad like bed ... I know our Ginger would love anything like that.

    His current bed of choice is one of our old pillows in a pillowcase and topped with a square of fleece, on the windowsill in the conservatory so he gets some peace from the dogs and can keep an eye on what the chickens are up to from the window.

  2. Cats are just very fussy!
    I crochet my dishcloths too - so long lasting and with a texture that is great for gentle, non-stick scrubbing.

  3. What a good idea to use up yarn, are British trebles American doubles?

  4. I have some cotton yarn that needs to be used and making dishcloths is something I try to do once or twice a year. Need to get started on some new ones.

    God bless.

  5. I've never thought to crochet dishcloths before. I've always knitted them.....until now! X


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