Friday, 21 October 2016

I had to rescue this beautiful stitching from the CS today.

It measures 21 inches square and is only partially done. The stitching is extremely neat and a lot of work has gone into it already.

With it came this piece of stitching which measures 32 inches by 24 inches and, again, is partially complete.

There is a variety of stitches - herring bone, chain ...

and a wonderful whip stitch has been started around the edge.

Unfortunately there are no silks with the pieces apart from the ones that were last in use.

Even though I can embroider, I am not as competent at the art as this lady was. I very much doubt that I will finish these - they need someone who is skilled who has a bank of silks that would match the ones already on the cloths. I am willing to post these to anyone who will be kind enough to complete these and give them a new home. (UK only)

If you are the person I'm seeking please leave a comment below. If more than one person wants these I'll put names into a hat. I really hope someone can complete these as so much work has gone into them already.



  1. St Anne's Embroiderers Guild has the most amazingly talented needlewomen I have ever met. They have a website or could be contacted through Camilla at Bizzie Fingers. I was lucky enough to spend a day with them as a guest back in July and I learned so much from that day. Catriona

  2. No good for me I can't do that sort of thing,could you use the first one as a cushion panel?

  3. Those are beautiful. The amount of work is simply amazing. I am afraid I stick to cross stitch, chain stitch, outline stitch and back stitching nothing as complicated as what the previous embroiderer did.

    Hope you find someone.

    God bless.

  4. What a shame it was left unfinished for whatever reason. I do hope you find someone who can complete the skilful work which has already been done. Not me, unfortunately - I can just about stitch on a button! X

  5. They are beautiful. Catriona has a great idea, passing them onto someone in a specialist group sounds ideal, if none of your readers can do them justice.

  6. I finished my Granny's Christmas tablecloth. She died in 1962 and I finished it in the early 1980s. Granny and Mum had bought the same tablecloth from a woman's magazine back in the day. Mum finished hers but when her mother died, she packed the unfinished work away. It moved to Canada with us.

    I still use it every December.


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