Thursday, 13 October 2016

Helping hands

My help with the greenhouse refurb today was to clean the gutter brackets. Not everyone has the opportunity or the honour of this job as it involves quite a lot of skill and dexterity. :)

A vital tool is an old toothbrush which is invaluable in cleaning out crevices and spiders. (No spider perished in this procedure and the two found were rescued and returned to the wild. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!)

The vital components were then subjected to rigorous cleaning with washing up liquid and hot water using the aforementioned cleaning tool.

Sink was then cleaned - the clothes will be put in the wash later as this process involves quite a lot of spatter!

At least I was in the warm as DH is outside on the roof where the glass roof connects to the garage. It's a long job. He built the greenhouse over 30 years ago with reclaimed materials. The wooden roof struts are teak which was originally shelves. The ends have rotted but the majority is salvageable and in this second reincarnation of the greenhouse as many old pieces are put back into play as possible. New wood is bought only if absolutely necessary. The dentil mouldings have had to be remade with each little piece of wood cut and glued into place. (My job here was the gluing.)

The original gutters have been cleaned ready to be repainted.

We're getting there slowly.



  1. Looking good. Hard graft but worth it.x

  2. Nice job. I keep a pile of old toothbrushes to hand for jobs like that too.

  3. All the hard work will be well worth it when you and Hubby are picking all the lovely veggies you will be growing.

    God bless.


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