Friday, 4 March 2016

From my seat

In front of me there is a large mirror showing what's behind me.

A bit lower down is some wood panelling which runs all the way round the room.

To the right of me is a shelf with some bakelite in the form of ink pots and a small round bakelite box. There's a small earthenware vase and above the shelf is a barometer.

What's it reading today?

To the left of me is the door to the room with lovely patterns in the wood.

Also to the left but a bit behind is an old sign from a pub. Now what does it say?

Here's behind me with a shelf full of unusual bits and bobs, a large pine cone, a bakelite thermometer, 3 candlesticks turned by a relative of a relative and some scientific bottles. Oh, and another pub sign. It's quite easy to read this one now.

I'll just flush and be on my way after my little sit today.



  1. This made me chuckle, a great post about your smallest room!

  2. Thanks for the tiny tour. I really like those wooden candlesticks.

  3. Who wouldn't love sitting on that throne :)

  4. L wishes we had an interesting little room like yours. I will have to see what I can do

  5. Wish I had room for even a little bit of that lovely stuff in my downstairs loo!!! x


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