Monday, 29 February 2016

Come on Sun

It's cold here but we're hoping the sun will come out soon. DD has set out her patio chairs and settee with her Christmas present covers.

Here's my first post on this make. I can't seem to find any more. I wonder whether I posted anymore pictures or not! Oh gosh, my memory is fading. Here are some detail close ups.

One large ...

… and two small.

We're all set for the warm weather now.



  1. Here's hoping the warm weather will be here soon, love you cushions, very colourful

  2. Those covers are lovely and colourful. I bet DD was really pleased with them.

  3. The covers are just beautiful.

    Waiting for sun here as well.

    God bless.

  4. The covers are lovely. Hope she brought it all in last night before it rained.
    Beautiful flowers in the header. Where were/are they?

    1. The flowers were in the Floral Hall at the Winter Gardens when Showzam was on.

  5. oohhh im loving the cushion covers gorgeous colours to. Sadly its raining here after such a lovely week of cold frosty sunshine. Fingers crossed you get to use them soon. Loving the new blog bubbles and flowers header, dee xx

  6. Yes, I want some warmer weather too. Fed up of all this rain and chilliness. The garden is begging for me to get out there, but its too bleak. Although I did manage to paint some fences whilst the sun shone for a brief hour or two on Sunday.

    Your gorgeous crochet covers are just crying out for a hot sunny day too - they're so cheerful xx


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