Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sparkling wine?

The wine in this glass has the added protection of a glittery cosy to keep in the cold.

Ideal for festive occasions ...

… or just the occasional sparkling treat.

The bottom of the cosy expands so it can be fitted on the wine glass over the base and when the ties are pulled it can be secured around the stem for a cosy fit. This is my prototype and it looks good but as the wine is consumed the cosy sinks happily downwards and flops on the floor in a restful droop!



  1. That cosy is definitely for special occasions, it's so glitzy.

  2. I'm sure if I was a strand of glitter that I would also droop gracefully to the floor. Actually, given the size of the glass, compared to the strand of glitter, it may not be so gracefully... ;)

  3. Perfect. Does it work for red wine? x

  4. Really its so beautifully and pretty enough to view it.

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