Monday, 7 March 2016


I think I'm making a another collection. Is there a name for people who do this? Is it one of my hobbies? Could I be a collectoholic? A look at the Collections label shows the makings of an addiction.

I seem to be collecting blogs at the moment - my own. My Filofax blog is a record for me and I'm quite enjoying my Filofax adventures but here's another blog - hot off the press - and, again it's for me but it may be of interest to others. (If it's not to you then read no further than its title and certainly don't click anything!)



PS Welcome to my new followers - I'm not too sure about one follower so I've not visited their link, having read somewhere that it's not a good idea. Beware.

If it is a good link I apologise but I'm not taking the risk.


  1. Definitely a clutterholic. I drive my husband mental by sneakily getting rid. x

  2. I know I am a collectoholic. I collect so many things that my husband sometimes wonders if I could be a hoarder in disguise.

    God bless.

  3. I used to be a collector, stopped now...............
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I think there is a little collector in all of us :-) I know I collect mainly vintage kitchen goodies. I am intrigued by the blog title you shared off for a look now :-) Have a lovely week, dee xx

  5. Ok popped over and all I can say is" Oh Dear Poor Old Cat", dee xx

    1. Wags won't go out in the cold without a coat on! Our cat is not used to wearing anything so promptly stands still then falls over purring!

  6. Coming your way tomorrow for 4 days-please ask fir dry weather. :-))) Catriona


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