Monday, 22 February 2016

Crochet Granny Square Cat Coat

My 2 versions for this coat were based on finished granny squares I had in my stash that hadn't quite made a completed item. The Brown squares were just too depressing to carry on with. Mind you, Puss Cat seems rather depressed with all this modelling.

I just crocheted 4 large squares together, added one for the under belly and one for the under neck.

It does the job but is rather loose.

My second attempt was with my Granny Rose squares, the pattern of which can be obtained from Apple Blossom Dreams blog. I crocheted them together in the following pattern but did not crochet where I've placed the ribbon.

That loose square tucked under and linked with the other side to form a neck band.

The two outer edges were joined together underneath. My joining was a crocheted line of doubles,

with a jump over of one chain at each crossing point.

There were plenty of ends to sew in.

Here's the finished coat on a real cat model.



  1. Just lovely. The cat that receives all your lovely cat coats is going to be very stylishly dressed.

    God bless.

  2. Your cat looks like he was actually getting used to all of the modelling and coat wearing. You might convert him yet.

    The true recipient, however, looks super happy with his finished coat of many colours. He's not called Joseph is he? Great job.

  3. That is one very well dressed cat x


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