Friday, 26 February 2016


How is it that the cat's always there when I make a bed?
Why does the cat have to muscle in somewhere when I sit down?
Is there a cat food out there that doesn't make the cat turn up her nose?
Why do I reach round the cat in order to reach the keyboard?
Should the cat always come first?
Why do I always choose either red or green when I want a change of colour? (Ahaa!)




  1. I think that's my cat you're talking about!

  2. Except for the last bit about color I could have written this post.

  3. Perhaps because red or green signifies spring / summer and harvests, in place of the white and grey colours of winter...

  4. Your cat sounds like mine, Grace is terrible for making load calls for her food, you open a fresh pack put it down, she sniffs at it and walks away!!!

  5. Don't know...............
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. And why is it that the cat's got some really cute coats? Just been catching up and doesn't she look fabulous. Also, I've found your Filofax blog and I've been having a good read on there too, I think you're definitely hooked, your collection has increased somewhat. I feel I should really do an update post on my Filofax, though I'm not sure that much has really changed about my set up since I last blogged about it, I suppose I've found what works for me and I stick with it.


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