Saturday, 9 January 2016

Rain, rain and more rain


It's raining, it's pouring
But life is not so boring
I cook, I read,
I stir and knead
Take my time getting up in the morning!


Rain, rain, go away
I really want to go out and play.

And more rain

This one's an original from my Sunday School days. I've still got my music book somewhere. (Child Songs - Carey Bonner)

Down came the raindrops,
On a cloudy day,
Wetting all the pavements
Washing dirt away,
Waking little brown buds
Thirsty seeds aswell.
Right into the blades of grass
The tiny raindrops fell.



  1. We've been fine here all day - sorry! :-)

  2. Same here in Greenock - rain and more rain!

  3. There is a continual leak in the sky here! I just wish the rain will stop at some point very soon
    Lovely rhymes by the way
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. You could send some our way - not too much tho. Some places interstate have had too much recently but that's not the case here in Victoria

  5. I have that bloomin ditty going round in my head now!! I was an infant teacher for most of myworking life and this was thefirst songwe would teach the children as we prepared for ourSpring Assembly. Also, if theweather was like now, MrNoah built an Ark. Hoping to be down your way in February-weather permitting. Catriona

  6. Those are lovely poems love the first one. Well they say a cold spell is on the way this week and its certainly chilly here this morning so hopefully no more rain for a while :-) fingers crossed, dee xx


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