Thursday, 28 January 2016

I've finally arrived

Scene:- Chemist's waiting area

Young man in the back (chatting to young lady behind the counter) : It's sex discrimination, that's what it is. For girls it's, "Sugar and spice and all things nice," but for boys it's, "Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails." It's not fair!

Young girl behind the counter: No, you're right there.

Lady in waiting area (me): It's, "Frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails."

Young man in the back (calling out to Lady in waiting area): Ah, thank you, I'm not of the older generation. I always thought it was, "Snips and snails."

Lady in waiting area (me) - thinking: "I've finally arrived! Welcome to old age."


PS Edited to note - 
1. He's correct too. I looked up the rhyme and learned something new.

2. I also looked up 'snips' and learned something new! (This is a comedy site and is complete nonsense.  Don't read this if you are easily offended.)

3. I'm still not sure what 'snips' means.


  1. Surely it's slugs and snails, at least 'twas down south when I was a kid (many moons ago)

  2. I swear it's one of those weeks, it was insinuated I was older than I am the other day as well........must be the weather!!

  3. There you go, I always thought it was 'slugs and snails', - who knew!!

  4. I learned it as 'snips' [I am 60] but also remember friends saying 'snaps' - but not 'slugs' !!

  5. I don't know what snips are either, but that's how I learned the rhyme.

  6. Conversations in shops - the mind boggles.

  7. In Yorkshire it was slugs and I am 66

  8. I learned it as frogs and snails.

  9. David Bowie used "slime and snails and puppy dog tails" in the song 'Magic Dance' which is the sound tack to 'Labyrinth'

  10. ...never heard of 'frogs and snails'...always 'slugs and snails' at our house. Wonder if there are regional differences?

  11. Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails. Hideous creatures, boys!

  12. I think the "snips" refers to leftovers or "trimmings"...
    I learnt the rhyme as "slugs and snails" too... I'm a Southerner :)


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