Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning checklists
Chore charts
Cleaning routines

There are plenty of them out there on t'Internet.

I have researched a fair few and come up with my own schedule which is personal to our house. It involves 'not a lot' of work each day and these little steps gradually build up so the whole house cleaning task becomes just a simple daily routine. 

My Tasks

Do one from the following list each weekday

* Wipe a skirting board.

*Wipe a picture rail.

*Tidy a cupboard (this includes the fridge or microwave).

* Tidy a drawer.

* Tidy a shelf.

(I've found that once started on a set of drawers, sorting one spurs me on to do 'just one more'; once starting on one shelf of a cupboard, sorting one spurs me on to do 'just one more'. Wiping a skirting board in a room is so easy that I tend to do the picture rail aswell.)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Clean a toilet and a sink.


Clean the hob or oven
Clean the brass on the front door

As and When Needed

Do the washing

Each Day

Sparkle one room.
(Put things away in the correct place and have a quick flick round with the hoover or duster.)

In our house it's -

Monday - the back room
Tuesday - the kitchen

Wednesday - the hall and stairs
Thursday - a bedroom
Friday - a bathroom

Keeping to the list ensures that eventually you will have cleaned the whole house. Once that happens Sparkling becomes a doddle and everything is in its place so now needs very little tidying.


PS  Galant asked whether I took my Filofax around with me in my bag. Sorry, I don't have a handbag - the organiser stays at home.

Mac and Janet asked whether a Filofax would be able to keep them organised.


Oh yes!!!!




  1. Glad your new regime is working! I really should be this organised.

  2. Sounds a good routine, but I work full time and have to do the house in one go, Sunday morning I find is my best time.

    1. I'd like to be more regimental with my housework, but I find too many excuses!!

  3. WOW! I am cutting and pasting as we speak! We are currently revamping the porch and one key change will be more effective storage space. As with any DIY job I find myself moving and dumping stuff into another room - when the porch is done that will leave only the smallest bedroom to revamp - but next week when the porch is done I need to start serious cleaning - so this will be a big help.

  4. I feel so lazy and unorganized reading this, but i think I'll stick to my 'do it when I like attitude'. I've never been a mover and a shaker. ha ha

  5. As and when it needs it, as and when I feel like it.

  6. Sounds great but like Briony I think I'll stay with my "do it when I really notice it!!"

  7. I couldn't do that because we are out and abou a lot.Sunday morning Oh and myself do the house work.One does upstairs and one downstairs.It all gets a good go and then apart from a quick Hoover each day and I do the toilets every day too nothing gets done until the next Sunday.Obviously it is not a strict regime because things crop up.I don't like doing housework and for a Spring cleanI am going to pay a company to come and do it!Treat myself.

  8. Going to write out your list and try to wing it here, thank you for sharing it!


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.