Thursday, 21 January 2016

Going green

Green is the theme in January and there's plenty of it in the kitchen. I think many, many people are delighted with the £2 tulips from Lidl - idldle. I've started storing fruit in my glass cylinders. One holds the fruit ready for eating and the other holds the compost waste. (How green!)

They add a splash of colour on the work surface. The climbing plant is still climbing ...

… and climbing

… and climbing. It's attached itself to the ceiling and the wall.

It's also branching out over the top shelf.

I bought some green mugs from Wilkinsons as they were only 50p. The green oven mit is from B and M but it doesn't really work properly. I can still feel the heat through it. I'm just using it to decorate the space.

The green bananas are gradually turning yellow.

DD kept the green bottle because …

… it had a Buddha on it. It holds a dried alum head from the front garden. The Shalom mat holder is from a close friend.



  1. Love your green, as for the bottle if I open one I will wan tit all and it's a work day tomorrow.

  2. Love the tulips, I always buy my flowers from Lidl, so cheap and they last as long as any others.

  3. I have one of those green Buddha bottles on top of my dresser. I think one of the kids kept it after consuming the contents. I must dust it off and stick some flowers in it.

  4. What a delightful kitchen. I love to see fruit displayed in a kitchen but I do tend to keep it in the fridge where it keeps fresher for longer. I just put a few pieces out at a time. Love all your green bits and pieces.
    Margaret P

  5. Love the green. What is the climbing plant?

  6. Not sure keeping your fruit so jammed up in a tight container is good for the fruit. 'Fruit bowls' are a myth as fruit best kept separate...and always, always keep apples in the fridge

  7. The glass bowl idea for fruit is simple but genius! x

  8. Gosh - that plant is really growing!

  9. Simplicity - so delightful. With having the Rayburn in the kitchen we can't keep fresh fruit for long but now I have a cupboard with an airbrick on the exterior wall this will be a good place for storage.

  10. The green is lovely, very fresh looking. I like the idea of the glass containers for the fruit xxx


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