Monday, 12 October 2015

Had it, used it

Take one wire coat hanger, not needed in the wardrobe plus one roll of orange ribbon bought for a song many years ago at a CB, plus a pair of scissors.

Decide to make a pumpkin wreath for Halloween.

Reject that idea and take some other autumnal shades of ribbon gleaned from presents, CBs and CSs.

Decide to make an autumnal wreath. 

Can't find any browns so ...

Take some autumnal shades of wool collected from the usual places.

Make the wreath and then decide it needs more additions. These additions were free picked up on a quick walk down the road.

Add to the wreath with a further addition of a glitzy bow.

Autumnal decoration now complete.

And it wasn't even on the list!!




  1. Lovely. I love the natural additions. Very resourceful.

  2. Wow, that is so pretty. I shall have to give it a go. Anna

  3. Ingenious. S'funny how one thing leads to another. You really have let your imagination run wild there, it just goes to show that a beautiful piece of art can be achieved on a shoestring. I like it.

  4. That is very pretty, and fun too.

  5. So, so pretty, how did you attach the leaves?

    1. I just used one of the bits of wool and tied a knot around the stem. If I were to shake the wreath they'd probably fall off!


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