Friday, 2 October 2015

Favourite (at the Moment) on Friday

Now is he my favourite because he was my very first one?

Or perhaps it was because my dad gave him to me.

It may be because I feel he shouldn't be 'de-cluttered' because he has sentimental value …

… or because I'm sorry that I was sick all over him when I was 3 and he had to be washed in the washing machine - oh the guilt!

Is he my favourite because he may be 'worth a bit now' even though his squeak has gone and he's rather moth-eaten? I did save an Ebay write-up about a similar panda.

Here is a wonderful looking Panda teddy bear, made by Chiltern and dates from the 1950's. He is a charming looking bear and comes in great condition. His coat is made from black and white mohair, which has signs of play wear, but to be expected with such a nice bear. There is obvious wear on his belly, around his Growler. His eyes are made from amber and black glass. His nose and mouth have been typically stitched into the Chiltern Shield. His head is filled with wood wool, while his body is filled with sub. He has a great working tilt growler in his belly. He also has a small tail too. He is unjointed but can sit and stand easily. He sadly no longer bears his label, but the is no mistaking his origins. He measures 38cm / 15in. He is a charming bear and he needs a new home?

My panda's head seems to be stuffed with straw and his body with kapok. I don't know what 'sub' is and he can't stand up. 

He's quite old now, doesn't need a new home and he's staying with me because - 

he's my favourite bear.

At the moment!

Thank you for your thoughts on favourite things. I've added some of them to my list of Favourites on Friday.

1. teddy
2. mug and/or cup
3. drinking glass
4. pen, pencil or writing or drawing implement
5. plate for meals
6. shoes and/or clothing (Mac and Janet)
7. hobby
8. place (Rachelradiostar)
9. self-indulgent treat (johnnyjumpsup)

This takes us up to the end of November and then perhaps I'll have another list!



  1. My first Teddy was also a Panda bear. I can remember choosing him in the toy shop and biting his nose off in the cinema.

  2. I'd much rather see a bear well worn, meaning he's been well loved, than in pristine condition.

  3. Nothing better than a well-loved teddy.

  4. I feel the same about my old bear - he's nothing special, but he still has a certain smell about him (not unpleasant!). Thanks so much for popping over to my blog - dancing in Blackpool tower sounds amazing!

  5. Aaah Lovely teddy. Many years ago my mum made teddies and soft toys to sell and one year we all got a teddy for Christmas. Mine was also a panda which I still have. She also made Sooty and Sweep puppets too. Only got Sweep left now.

  6. Hooray for teddies! I've passed my 'Mr Tedsy' onto my daughter

  7. glad he is staying with you he is adorable, dee xx

  8. Thanks Mum for the comment on my latest post. Glad we aren't alone with the cats games. I've got one that fetches a ball and drops it at my feet for another
    They mean so much to us and we are just hoping that we can outlive the lot of them as I hate the thought of them going into a cat shelter.
    This means that if they live to 15 we have to keep going until we are75 and 81 for Tom. Fingers crossed.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.