Friday, 9 October 2015

Favourite (at the Moment) on Friday

It used to be this one …

… because I like Christmas. It's been around a few years and is a little faded but it is one which I gravitate towards.

It used to be this one …

… because there's a puss cat on it. We have two of these and they are used as breakfast mugs.

I'm quite partial to this one because it is full of the joys of Spring but it is a little too big for everyday use.

Today's favourite I have posted about before here and it's still my favourite cup

At the moment!

The next Friday Favourite will be a drinking glass. I wonder if other people have favourites of the moment.

1. teddy
2. mug and/or cup
3. drinking glass
4. pen, pencil or writing or drawing implement
5. plate for meals
6. shoes and/or clothing suggested by (Mac and Janet)
7. hobby
8. place suggested by (Rachelradiostar)
9. self-indulgent treat suggested by (johnnyjumpsup)


Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new follower. Thank you for following my simple life. (It's full of simple things as you can see from this post. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. I'm very low maintenance.)


  1. We have particular cups too, according to the drink and time of day. I just love catering crockery that they use in hotels....why? don't know.

  2. My favourite mug has a ladybird on it. A few years ago we were having some work done on the outside of the house and one of them left their mug and now it's mine. It's just the right size and comfortable to drink from.

  3. Yes, I have favorite cups and mugs and use them all the time. In the winter, it's a Starbucks mug I pulled from someone's trash. It has a metal bottom and keeps things Really HOT for a long it in the winter!

  4. I have certain mugs for certain drinks! We are a funny bunch X


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