Friday, 16 October 2015

Favourite (at the Moment) on Friday

I have favourite glasses for different drinks. Here's the water glass, which I bought at a CB.

And the - oh of course you can see - glass, which again was a CB find.

This one is the beer glass of the moment which was found in a shop doorway in town. Always look down around the bustling streets. There's lots to be found. Not always a lot to pick up though!

One more favourite is the sherry glass and this one is just styled so very simply it's a pleasure to use.

The next Friday Favourite will be a pen, pencil or writing or growing implement. I wonder if other people have favourites of the moment.

1. teddy
2. mug and/or cup
3. drinking glass
4. pen, pencil or writing or drawing implement
5. plate for meals
6. shoes and/or clothing suggested by (Mac and Janet)
7. hobby
8. place suggested by (Rachelradiostar)
9. self-indulgent treat suggested by (johnnyjumpsup)



  1. Love Guinness, it's finally getting cool enough to drink it again, too hot in the summer.

  2. My favourite pint glass that we have is one I found on the side of the road near my house. It's amazing what you can find by keeping your eyes peeled.

  3. I do the same with scissors! A pair for everything. :-)


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