Saturday, 4 October 2014


1. It is raining today. (What I said to myself when I woke up.)
2. Il pleut aujourd'hui. (What I said to myself next.)
3. Es regnet heute. (ditto)

I wonder how long we can make this list from our knowledge of different languages!

1. Make 2 loaves.

I prove the dough in a warm oven.
Made and put in the freezer.

2. Tidy the kitchen.
Swept and wiped down, dishwasher put on and emptied.

3. Put a wash on and dry it.
Folded, put away and a few items ready to iron tomorrow.

4. Walk the cats.
This morning and this afternoon walk in the garden and a play inside.

5. Dust the dresser.

Grotty light, grotty pics today
It was very dusty!

6. Wax the dresser.
Not enjoyable as wax gets up my fingernails. Polishing is much more pleasurable.

7. Put items artistically back on the dresser.
Had fun arranging and re-arranging.

8. Make a cake.

Two fruit cakes made and one frozen. The other in the process of being eaten.

9. Take stuff to the CS.
Clothes and magazines.

10. Call in at the shop that's closing down to say thank you to the staff.
This high street supermarket closed its doors today with some staff taking voluntary redundancy. I've had a few bargains this week as items have been reduced and yesterday they gave me 3 large bunches of bananas. These have been eaten and some frozen (minus peel) for later use in smoothies or banana bread.

11. Buy cat food and cat treats.
I think their food bill surpasses ours. I also bought a cat toy for 'playtime'.


PS 1. Pam, I left you a reply to your question about the paint.

2. Welcome to my new follower.


  1. What a busy day you've had. It's a shame when shops close down, there's planning permission gone in for a big supermarket near to where I live and I'm sure that will put some of the independent shops out of business, so sad.

  2. We spend more in our fussy cat food than our food. Well done you for popping in to say thank you and goodbye, we often miss nice chances. Well done on the busy day

  3. Hi Mum, thank you for the paint info. I will check into that.
    Now you have me wondering which supermarket has closed.
    I wonder if I would recognise Blackpool now, I am sure there have been many changes since I was last there in the nineties.
    I think the Illuminations will still be on at the moment, happy memories.
    My husband has put a screen saver on my computer of a night scene of the Illuminations at the corner of the Prom by Coral Island. I am always cheered when I switch on and see it. A little frozen moment in time, I keep wanting it to animate and come to life.
    Love from Pam in TX.

  4. Just joined your blog, looking forward to reading it from the start x


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.