Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dressing up

The time had come to dress up the dresser. It had become too cluttered and too dusty.

Flowers without a home, odd bits and pieces everywhere ...

and bits of Christmas and Easter still lurking about.

I've always said that a dresser should be cluttered but this one had far too much going on.

Can you see the dust here?

I wonder where the vase went!

Poor little chick  - it's supposed to go tweet when it is picked up. This one doesn't, even with new batteries. It had to go!

Aha, can you see the dust now?

I know that cats turn up in the most unusual places. This one's in with the detritus.

My lucky piece of heather - I daren't get rid of it - is dropping flowery bits everywhere. Can you see the Christmas plate? I wonder if I should leave it up as it's nearly Christmas this year.

I stopped looking at it and started 'doing'. Everything came off.

The dresser was dusted ...

… waxed and buffed.

Now is this more showroom standard with artistic and interesting groupings of our ornaments and collections?

I do like my dresser legs. They are now all dustless, shiny and polished - 

shame about the floor!


PS Welcome to Simple Living.


  1. I bet you feel sooooo good having done that job.I cleared a display cabinet on Friday as we are moving house and there isn't anywhere to put it.It was made by my grandfather so I feel a bit rotten about it but it was in bad shape and didn't look good at all.Barbara

  2. My dresser has glass less dust,but little cat noses can't get in to leave nose/paw/tail prints...which makes the dust less noticeable..clever huh?
    Jane x

  3. All dressed up and ready for (Christmas) visitors :) Well done!

    (Dusting, ironing and window cleaning - all thankless tasks.)

  4. Isn't it funny when you look at someone else's bits and bobs they look delightful. In your own house the same stuff starts to offend you. Love your display both before and after but other people's dust bothers me far less than my own. In the words of Quentin Crisp. "There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse."

  5. Lovely dresser. Being nosey what is it in the wooden box........? I am interested because my husband collect things like that
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. One box houses a gyroscope and the other some doctors' electrical glass probes! Needles to say, the latter isn't used. 0 :

  6. There's always somewhere which attracts clutter, it's the computer table in my house.


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