Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn Jolly

My Autumn blanket is coming along nicely. I'll put a link to the pattern when I can find it. I'd kept a copy on my computer and hadn't put which blog or site I'd got it from. Even copying and pasting the text into the search engine hasn't come up with the original post. I'll keep looking. It's a very easy pattern and the repetitions are extremely relaxing.

My friend and I had a relaxing Autumn Jolly walk along the sea front at St. Anne's with a quick saunter down the pier.

Not many people out and about at the end of the pier today.

No hurricane or winds either.

Just peaceful views out to sea.

It's only a short pier and this link will tell you why.

Very interesting!

The cat think's it's very interesting too!


PS Please let me know if you wish to join in the 'Party'.


  1. I saw the pictures online of the sea at Blackpool yesterday..I'm surprised there's any pier left!
    Jane x

  2. The pattern for your crochet is called 'Ripple' pattern, it can be found in a book written by Jan Eaton
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Without the rain it wasn't too bad yesterday was it? I have been enjoying the sea smell the past few days too.

  4. Thank you for the pictures of the pier and the link. We were at Blackpool and took a trip along to Lytham about 3 years ago. I love the colours in your blanket. I only learned to crochet earlier this year and so far haven't progressed beyond granny squares. Is this pattern easy to follow as I haven't made anything from a pattern yet?

    1. Once you've got over the first 2 rows the pattern is easy and repetitive and very relaxing to crochet. I'll post the pattern for you.

  5. Your post has brought back lots of happy memories of family times we spent at St.Annes when my sister was still alive and since then too when we took our kids when they were young. We had some fabulous times there. I think puss wants to claim your blanket and who can blame him, it's looking wonderful.

  6. That blanket is looking good.
    Anne xx


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