Thursday, 23 October 2014

Easy Ripple Pattern

I cannot find out where this pattern originated so if it belongs to anyone out there please let me know so I can give you credit. I'm sure it's not from a book. I must have taken it from a blog somewhere and I saved it in my pattern files. I have worked out that the foundation chain should have a multiple of 10 stitches plus 6 - e.g. 86 stitches, counting all the chains.

I think my blanket started out with 166 chains.

Easy Ripple Pattern

Row 1: 1 treble in 4th chain from hook.

I insert my needle in the stitch underneath the v.
1 treble in next chain.
 *1 treble in each of the next 3 chains,

 Make the valley

 ( v yarn round hook, insert hook in next chain, yarn round hook, pull yarn through, yarn round hook, pull yarn through 2 loops on hook, leaving 2 loops on hook. Without finishing off this treble, repeat from v in next 2 chains, which gives you 4 chains on the hook. Yarn round hook and pull yarn through all 4 loops to finish this stitch - should look like a triangle). 

Now 1 treble in each of next 3 chains,

Make the mountain

3 trebles in the next chain. 

This completes the pattern. Repeat from * to the end of the row with 2 trebles at the very end.

Basically 3 trebles, a valley, 3 trebles, a mountain. The beginning and end of each row are 2 trebles.

Row 2: 3 chain (this is the first treble), 1 treble in first stitch then 3 more trebles followed by a valley, 3 trebles followed by a mountain. At the end of the row you should make sure you have 5 trebles.

I always crochet in my ends as I go along. Whenever I change a colour I break the yarn by hand rather than scissors so that it will crochet in smoothly.

Then I crochet over the top of the end.

I hope you find this pattern easy to follow. Once you've completed the first row it's really easy. Just remember that there are always 5 trebles at the beginning and end of each row. The 'mountains' are crocheted on top of the underneath 'mountain' and the valleys are crocheted on top of the underneath valley. I know that's obvious but sometimes it isn't when you've not got the pattern established.

Happy Crocheting.



  1. Your blanket looks beautiful. I love the autumnal colours.

  2. Is it from Attic24 (Lucys) blog?

    1. No Caz, in her pattern the valleys and mountains are done over 4 stitches, 2 decreases of 4 to 2 and 2 increases of 2 to 4.

  3. Thank you for the instructions. I can do the middle bit of the mountains and valleys but the ends have been the problem. 5 trebles each side - must remember that and try again.
    Your blanket is looking lovely.

  4. I've been using Lucy's ripple pattern from Attic24, it differs from this one. I think the ripple pattern is really relaxing to crochet, I shall be sorry when Eleanor's blanket's finished.


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