Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Choose, pick and chop

I chose the mushrooms that were slowly shrivelling up on the shelf to make some soup for dinner, (Thanks Ilona.) and picked some courgettes that were ready, to add to the soup. These were chopped up with part of an onion. After a sauté in butter I added some stock made with a stock cube, a spoonful of red tomato chutney, a spoonful of green tomato chutney and then blitzed everything with the blender. The result was enough soup for today and tomorrow. It tasted pretty good but looked awful.

The next for the chop was the remains of the fruit bowl plus some freshly picked strawberries. There's 'afters' sorted.

Still in a picking sort of mode I headed out to the front to pick the black currants which were weighing down the stems of the bush. What a fiddly job - picking black currants.

And what a fiddly job picking off the stems. I was going to put them in the freezer but used some to make small tarts.

They were 'tart' as well - perhaps I should have put in a little more sugar.

I'm for the chop now!



  1. I made jelly and wine with my blackcurrants as I didn't have to be as particular at removing all the fiddley little stalks. I made a jar of blackcurrant as well, it is worrying how much sugar you need though isn't it?

  2. I haven't done anything with my blackcurrants yet, they're all in the freezer. It's great that there's so much to pick at the moment.

  3. Last week I picked some black currant and this week I've picked some red currants and next week I will pick the remaining blackcurrants if the birds leave me some. The birds have finished the blue berries of the tall bush but the others are not quite ripe yet. All but one courgette flower appear to be male flowers.

  4. I need to make some carrot and courgette soup now, to use them up. I only have a few black currants, I eat them straight off the stem :o)


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