Saturday, 12 July 2014

The time has come ...

… to harvest the old mange-tout pods and leave them to dry out. I will then save the seed for next year. Some of the seed I'll take to DS whose fingers are turning 'green'. :)

… to marvel at the blousy poppy flowers that have appeared in the veggie plot.

… to harvest the courgettes every day. (Note to self: Don't let them grow big - ha ha!)

… to not dig up and dispose of the asparagus because we only had a few meals from it this year. It must have heard our mutterings and put on a spurt of growth. "Don't dig me up. I promise I'll produce more spears next year!"

… to smile at the 15, yes 15 apples on the cordoned apple tree and hope that they don't become diseased as they did last year.

(They're looking a bit like cordons, I think. The one on the left has one, yes one, plum on it! Yeah!

… to pick more strawberries. I whizzed some up with some soft bananas and put the resultant mush in containers in the freezer. That's a few puddings sorted out.

… to make more cards and celebrate two birthdays with the neighbours.

… to get ready for the party.




  1. I have approximately that amount of apples on my tree too. I'm looking forward to harvesting them.

  2. Im just about to asparagus for the first time and i had no idea they would look like this. Im also not far from putting in my apple trees and im hoping for success as well. Love the cards. Cheers from Oz.

    1. Lynda, the picture is of the spears when they have grown into ferny fronds. These are not eaten. Spear eating time over here is from April to June. After that I just leave the spears to grow. When the ferns have died back I just clear them away and nothing can be seen again until the following season when the spears start shooting. (Sounds like a war going on!)

    2. Well that explains everything. On my bag of crowns it tells me to not pick them for two years. Ole Dopey me was wondering, well if im not picking them whats going to happen. Now i know that they will grow fronds and then die back. Thanks for advice. LOL, i agree. I hope the spears win, i love asparagus.

  3. The veggie and fruit looks wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. That's great, My dad also saves some of his seeds to replant on his allotment. usually they are a variety of beans.


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