Tuesday 6 May 2014

Home made sleep shirt for snorers or sufferers of sleep apnoea - prototype number 1

Take one old long-sleeved T-shirt (or 2 old short sleeved ones) plus an old towel.

Chop off the sleeves.

Cut the towel into 3, fold and roll and make a 3 division pocket with the sleeve material.

With remaining sleeve material make a large pocket and sew to the back of the old T-shirt.
Insert the rolled towels.

Put T-shirt on when in bed and, hopefully the uncomfortable back pack will stop the wearer rolling over onto his back so eliminating snoring and enabling the wearer with sleep apnoea to breath properly.

I'll let you know how DH gets on.

DS who has inherited the condition sleeps with a towel stuffed back pack on! :}


  1. Hope it helps :) How does DS find it?

  2. What a good idea, though not sure how dh would feel about it. He manages to snore on his side as well xx

  3. If only I could persuade The Golfer to wear such a contraption, He is a man of many talents - snoring anyway he can is one of them lol
    Take care

  4. What a great idea! Good luck - I hope it works! XX

  5. I think it would solve the snoring because I wouldn't be able to sleep if I were wearing it. Mind you, I find it difficult to sleep anyway these days. I hope it helps.


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