Wednesday 14 May 2014

Because I could

I went to the SeaLife Centre, because I could, with my Annual Pass.

Poor fish, cooped up in small tanks.

I think they should live in their natural surroundings.

I won't be going again.



  1. Ikwym Mum. There is a "Love Our Estuary" open day at the old lifeboat station in Lytham over the bank holiday weekend, all about the local nature, might be more uplifting.

  2. I suppose it is educational to see these creatures at close hand, but I know how you feel......

  3. The more time I spend out in nature the more I am hating to see any kind of animals in a cage or tank. I know how you feel x

  4. I have never been to anything like this..and never will.
    Sorry you had to see it
    Jane x

  5. I fully agree with you. We have a sea life centre here in Brighton, we visited once and they had a touch tank where the kids were putting their hands in and touching the inmates, so cruel. They often have demonstrations outside but it makes no difference.

  6. I can deal with small fish in tanks, but not large fish and as for killer whales it makes me sick to think of them living in captivity.


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