Monday 19 May 2014

From my seat

My resting place today was in the garden. Here you see one of 5 chairs bought from the CB. DH is in the garage sanding and oiling one of them already.

To my left the mange tout are growing well. The bucket had the house fern soaking in it. The primulas are looking rather sad.

To my right is the newly re-vamped bench (DH has been busy) and another of the wooden chairs. It wasn't me who was sleeping one moment ago on the bench.

Behind me is the garden room with crocheted blanket ready for anyone who wishes to take a snooze. It's usually me the puss cats who do this.

Below me is the basket holding my mobile and the house phone (just in case someone wants to contact us) as I can't hear the ringing outside.

Oh oh  - now you've seen 'the legs'! Can you spot the latest blanket?

I had to leave the seat to tidy the gardening bag.

I sorted out the contents and hung it back in the greenhouse. 

I wondered where my secateurs had gone.

I washed up some pots while I was wandering. Now, own up, who washes up dirty plant pots straight away?

The strawberries are looking healthy.

Yep - they are.



  1. I wait until there is a mountain of plant pots then I run out of room to put them on the drainer! Your strawberries do look lovely and healthy x

  2. Yes, they are looking healthy and i confess to not washing my pots straight away, either the kitchen kind or the garden kind. I also love to lay, sit, stand, squat (getting harder) or stand on my head in the winter sun. Yes, those strawberry plants do look healthy and is your dog looking for something to eat, like mine who always manages to get there first? Nice Legs!

  3. I must admit I'm terrible at washing my dirty garden pots. Sometimes they stay dirty for two seasons not just one. This post has reminded me that I must do them soon, now the weather is warmer. It's nice to catch a bit of sun whilst I do it. The chairs look comfortable

  4. Like Carol - IRYPT. Looks like you had a nice sunny day

  5. It's always nice to have a companion in the garden. You don't happen to have my secateurs in your gardening bag too, do you? Mine have gone walkabouts.

  6. We had one cat who loved strawberries...was puss cat choosing some?
    Jane x

  7. ahhh my kinda day - you sure look like you are enjoying retirement.

  8. Great to get some sunshine, isn't it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. I have to confess to not washing my pots. Good to see you are making the most of the sunshine!! X

  10. sounds like a wonderful spot to be!
    loved the flagstones!


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