Friday, 17 January 2014

Kitchen Window - January 2014

The window is quite bare today.

Just a small white flower rescued from the street. Someone had thrown out a bouquet of flowers and this one was just alive.

The strelitzia flower was taken from the big plant in order to give more nutrients to the leaves which are looking rather sorry for themselves. This bloom itself is fading slowly.

My climbing plant is taking over the shelf to the right of the window...

... and coiling round obstacles on its way.

January is quite a bare month and many people feel down but look closely, signs of life are still clinging there.



  1. You're right, there are little signs all around. I love the plant pot to the right of your windowsill.

  2. I have a climbing plant like that. It keeps trying to take over my house xx

  3. The flower is lovely as is the collection on copperware. Do you use it often?

  4. IRYPT and mine is bare as well. Everything curled up and died last week:(
    Take care

  5. I like this time of year for being barren -- the break from outside work is nice. Shoveling snow is a workout that I don't generally look forward to but the time to regroup while nothing is growing is nice.


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